I have a DJ, can I connect their equipment?

I have a DJ, can I connect their equipment?

With the larger transmitters (the ones that aren't belt-packs i.e. the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon's), we provide RCA/phono cables which can be connected into the back of most DJ controllers.
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    • What music devices can I connect?

      With all the transmitters, we provide cables so you can use any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack or an RCA/phono connection to our transmitters. Choose your playlist, hit play and turn it up (your device should normally be at 70-100% of ...
    • How many Silent Disco headphones can I connect at once?

      You can connect an unlimited number of headphones and receivers at once without any loss in signal, sound degradation or delay.
    • What frequencies does your equipment use?

      Our standard equipment works on the following frequencies: 863-865Mhz - please avoid using any other equipment on these frequencies to avoid technical issues. The lights on the headsets indicate which channel of audio you're tuned into. The LED ...
    • How do I connect a P.A? (i.e. microphone for a guest speaker at a conference)?

      The microphone should be set up through a mixing desk as with a traditional loudspeaker set up. Connect the transmitter to the audio output instead of the amplifier. Extra devices (such as multiple microphones or laptops) should also be connected to ...
    • What is the range of the equipment?

      The range of the equipment does vary depending on the transmitter. In an ideal environment, the standard transmitters we supply will offer a range of 100-150m. The optimum ranges of each individual transmitter is as follows: Parakeet/Parrot - 50m ...