What frequencies does your equipment use?

What frequencies does your equipment use?

Our standard equipment works on the following frequencies: 863-865Mhz - please avoid using any other equipment on these frequencies to avoid technical issues.

The lights on the headsets indicate which channel of audio you're tuned into. The LED colour typical frequencies are as follows:
  1. Red - 863.1MHz (EU)
  2. Green - 863.7MHz (EU)
  3. Blue - 864.9MHz (EU)
We can also provide a customised solution with specific frequencies.
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    • Will my equipment arrive ready to use?

      Yes, everything is fully charged, cleaned and tested before it leaves our warehouse. It’ll be ready for you to enjoy straight away!
    • Are your headphones compatible with my existing equipment?

      It does depend... let us know the frequencies your equipment works on and we can look into this for you. Failing that, the brand and model of the equipment and we can put our best investigative hats on and do some digging!
    • Can I use a microphone with the system?

      If you'd like a nice big proper microphone, you can connect it to the system via a mixer (using the RCA/phono cables we supply with the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon transmitters). If you don't want to use a mixer, we have some other options. With the ...
    • What brand of equipment do you supply?

      We supply the best three-channel flashing LED headphones as used at major events such as Glastonbury, Boardmasters and Isle of Wight Festival. The brand we use is Over-Ear which supply to the world's leading cinema and cruise ship companies.
    • What is the range of the equipment?

      The range of the equipment does vary depending on the transmitter. In an ideal environment, the standard transmitters we supply will offer a range of 100-150m. The optimum ranges of each individual transmitter is as follows: Parakeet/Parrot - 50m ...