What cables are included?

What cables are included?

With every transmitter, we provide 3.5mm leads, which you can plug into your laptop, iPod or anything with a small headphone socket. Additionally, with the Donkey, Hawk and Falcons, we supply RCA/phono cables which can connect to a DJ mixer or DVD player (if you're into that sort of thing).
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    • I have a DJ, can I connect their equipment?

      With the larger transmitters (the ones that aren't belt-packs i.e. the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon's), we provide RCA/phono cables which can be connected into the back of most DJ controllers.
    • What does my quote include?

      Your quote includes the number of headphones you've requested (usually equal to the number of guests at your function), a number of transmitters (equal to the number of channels you require), all the audio and power cables you need to connect plus ...
    • Can I use a microphone with the system?

      If you'd like a nice big proper microphone, you can connect it to the system via a mixer (using the RCA/phono cables we supply with the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon transmitters). If you don't want to use a mixer, we have some other options. With the ...
    • What music devices can I connect?

      With all the transmitters, we provide cables so you can use any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack or an RCA/phono connection to our transmitters. Choose your playlist, hit play and turn it up (your device should normally be at 70-100% of ...
    • Can I use your headphones to watch a film, TV, Netflix, Sky, DVD or Blu-Ray?

      Yes! Just connect the audio output to the transmitter using the provided 3.5mm or phono/RCA cables provided. Many TVs, DVD players and Blu-Ray devices have an audio output on the back. This is the best way to connect, but you can also use the ...