Something has arrived broken, what shall I do?

Something has arrived broken, what shall I do?

We do take the utmost care to ensure your equipment arrives intact. But, if something does arrive broken, please contact us straight away! Give us a buzz on 0207 0603 653 or drop us an email at

If you've received any broken equipment, we need to know before your event. Otherwise you may be held liable for the damage.
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    • I'm missing something from my order!

      We send our items in separate parcels, you'll be told how many boxes to expect upon order confirmation. Headphones arrive in black boxes and all the other equipment arrives in blue boxes. If all has not arrived by the end of your expected delivery ...
    • Our location does not have mains power available, what shall I do?

      Don't worry, we've thought of everything! If you don't have mains power available, we can provide a variety of options depending on what you're looking for. If you're looking for something super-portable, we offer of couple of clip-on belt-pack ...
    • Who's contact details shall I give you?

      Please provide us with the full name, mobile number and email address for whoever will be accepting the delivery of your equipment and handing out the collection.
    • Can I use a microphone with the system?

      If you'd like a nice big proper microphone, you can connect it to the system via a mixer (using the RCA/phono cables we supply with the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon transmitters). If you don't want to use a mixer, we have some other options. With the ...
    • What happens if I lose or break any equipment?

      There is a charge for all missing/broken equipment. We may offer a discretionary 50% discount if the invoice is paid within 8 days of issue. Please see our terms and conditions for full information (the link is at the bottom of this page). If any ...