Can I use a microphone with the system?

Can I use a microphone with the system?

If you'd like a nice big proper microphone, you can connect it to the system via a mixer (using the RCA/phono cables we supply with the Donkey, Hawk and Falcon transmitters).

If you don't want to use a mixer, we have some other options. With the parakeet, we do provide a Britney Style 3.5mm Microphone, which sits over the ears and is nice and lightweight. Alternatively, we do sell (not available for hire) a nude-colour 3.5mm Chord Microphone (FNM-35) if you're looking for something a bit more discreet. 
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      The whole system itself is very simple to use and set-up - it's what we call, "Plug and Play" technology! Our transmitters (Donkey, Parakeet, Parrot, Hawk and Falcons) are the beating-heart of our systems. Just plug your audio device into our ...
    • Is there latency on the system?

      No, there is considered to be zero latency on the system. Unlike digital systems, which require processing time to encode then decipher signals, the Over-Ear system uses wireless RF (Radio Frequency) technology. This conveys signals throughout the ...
    • How do I connect a P.A? (i.e. microphone for a guest speaker at a conference)?

      The microphone should be set up through a mixing desk as with a traditional loudspeaker set up. Connect the transmitter to the audio output instead of the amplifier. Extra devices (such as multiple microphones or laptops) should also be connected to ...
    • Can I use your headphones to watch a film, TV, Netflix, Sky, DVD or Blu-Ray?

      Yes! Just connect the audio output to the transmitter using the provided 3.5mm or phono/RCA cables provided. Many TVs, DVD players and Blu-Ray devices have an audio output on the back. This is the best way to connect, but you can also use the ...
    • Will my equipment arrive ready to use?

      Yes, everything is fully charged, cleaned and tested before it leaves our warehouse. It’ll be ready for you to enjoy straight away!