Can I play podcasts, playlists, Spotify, Pandora or YouTube on my wireless headphones?

Can I play podcasts, playlists, Spotify, Pandora or YouTube on my wireless headphones?

Yes! Anything that you could normally listen to from your audio device on headphones or speakers can be connected to the transmitter and enjoyed by unlimited numbers of people using our wireless headphones. Make sure your playlist is available at your venue - for example check there is a reliable wifi connection for live streaming, or download the playlist to your local device to avoid the risk of disconnection. We do have our own channel on Spotify - if you need some inspiration, all playlists can be found here:
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    • Can I use your headphones to watch a film, TV, Netflix, Sky, DVD or Blu-Ray?

      Yes! Just connect the audio output to the transmitter using the provided 3.5mm or phono/RCA cables provided. Many TVs, DVD players and Blu-Ray devices have an audio output on the back. This is the best way to connect, but you can also use the ...
    • Are Silent Discos suitable for children?

      Yes and kids love it! You can control the “master volume” by turning down the volume on the audio device connected to the audio input of the transmitter. This means that the maximum volume any set of headphones can receive is limited. Both Bob and ...
    • What colour headphones can you supply?

      All our headphones come in black as standard. We can also supply white and pink if you're feeling extra fabulous!
    • How many headphones do we need?

      Silent Discos are usually very popular, we would recommend having a set of headphones for every attendee. The headsets last around 8-10 hours. If your event is longer than 10 hours, we would recommend hiring 2 headsets per attendee.
    • What is the best song for a Silent Disco?

      The Killers - 'Mr Brightside' is officially the best Silent Disco Anthem ever. If you’re stuck, we have our very own playlists you’re welcome to use on Spotify: